Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Coveted Tradition: Pizookie's

Once Upon A Time,
My roommates and I had this wonderful tradition of eating a "pizookie" every fast Sunday. The point of it is to satiate our built up hunger from fasting. If you don't know what a pizookie is, basically its an almost baked pan of cookie which, when taken hot out of the oven, is covered in ice cream. This delicious combination of hot and cold appeases our taste buds until we reach a sugar coma. But we are no fools! We have figured out a way to combat such coma by drinking milk, straight from the jug. (This is acceptable in college when you are the only one who drinks out of said container.) Our current record for consumption is 4 minutes with 4 people. We have
yet to time it again. If you are looking for a good
tradition to start, this is it. There's nothing better
than a hot cookie and cold ice cream with chocolate
syrup and your best friends after a hard month.

So there it is. A glimpse into the adventures of
"The Girls of 404"

Creating memories to last us a lifetime...