Sunday, May 13, 2012


Today was the first Mother's Day that I have not been able to see one of my mother's. I have been blessed in my life to have my biological mother, my step-mother, and many pseudo mother's. To my mother's and all the women who have been my mother when I needed an extra one (you know who you are), thank you. From the bottom of my heart. You have been constant examples to me of how I should live and who I want to become. Through the journey that my life has been so far, you have all taught me different things. You have taught me how to pray, work, share, cook, paint my nails, do my makeup, flirt, shop, and do laundry. You have kissed many scraped elbows and knee's and wiped away so many tears. You have mended many broken hearts, held me while I cried, and put up with me while I went through those golden years of drama, braces, and puberty. In college, you were there when I called you about laundry, dating, and grocery prices. 

I hope that one day I can become a woman who possesses the qualities that you all have taught me. To be patient and kind, thoughtful, willing to sacrifice, easy to laugh, and, overall, to have a relationship with my husband and family that you have. Through you, I have learned what kind of mother and wife I want to be. 

Overall, you have taught me about the gospel. When I was little you taught me to pray and sing primary songs. As I have grown older, you all have shown me how to live the gospel. Through your example, you taught me about Jesus Christ and showed me how to strive to be like him. I learned how important it is to build my foundation and gain my own testimony. So I did, and it helped me transition into my college years because I had already made the choice to live the gospel. You taught me how to love the Lord and Jesus Christ and how to utilize the Atonement. This, above all else, has prepared me for the trials I have faced. As the storms of life have threatened to overwhelm me, I knew I could turn to my Lord. Thank you for that.

I want you to know how much I appreciate all the sacrifices you have made for me, big and small.
They have not gone unnoticed. 

I look forward to the many lunch dates, phone calls, emails, girl's nights, and late-night chats that will be continual in the many years to come.

I love you, eternally.