Monday, March 12, 2012

A Culinary Expedition

Once upon a time,
i LOVE to cook and bake.
yesterday was my pseudo mother's birthday so i thought i would whip up my famous
Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies.

basically, i am the worst blogger ever. it has been nearly a month since my last post.
i think like a blogger, it's just my execution that is suffering.

but trust me, i take enough pictures to hang with the blogger crowd.
i am a picture whore.

when i bake or cook, and i'm alone, i like to pretend that i am on my very own cooking show.

it's one of my guilty pleasures, judge me.

i go the whole nine yards: lame jokes, giving little tips, and talking to my "viewers."

it's fun. i dare you to try it.

you also must know that i am very particular when it comes to cookies with chocolate chips.

there is a very specific chip-to-dough ratio.

i like to estimate it at 3:1

the catch is that if there's not chocolate in every bite, i am not satisfied.

last night was one of the best batches i have ever made.
i can taste the spices: check
chocolate chip-to-dough ratio: check
baked to perfection: check
you can always tell when you add the pumpkin whether or not the batch will turn out right.

i was a little worried about how the pumpkin was blending but my worries were in vain.

the family LOVES them.

i'll probably have to make more tomorrow.

this is my brother, jaden.

he likes to pose with me.

and flex his muscles.

he cracks me up.

breaks are nice.

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  1. dani! you are so stinkin' cute!! although i don't get to talk to, always so fun to see you come back when you do!!! i just love you!!


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