Monday, January 9, 2012

A New Dawn...A New Day

Cheesy title, I know. Don't judge. It's late.

Today was the first day of spring semester. And I'm so smart that I decided to take 18 credits.

Today alone I had:
-Math 1010
-Econ 2010
-Spch 2110
-Modern Dance
-Business 2000

Keep in mind that my first class started at 9:30 and I didn't get home til after 6.
I had one short hour break in the middle of the day.
Good thing I only have one class tomorrow:
English 2010 Honors

I am quite looking forward to it. I also have an online Honors class.

All of my classes are proving to be quite interesting. Especially Interpersonal Communications.

Business 2000 is my prep class for study abroad.
It is making me super excited for my trip.
We got culture books today :)

Utah State is definitely following through with providing good-looking and eligible bachelors.
Gotta love a new semester. New classes, new babe-pool.

When I got home tonight I was wiped but the girls and I had our monthly pizookie and then ended up playing Disney Apples to Apples til...12:30 ish. It was full of laughter and all sorts of innuendo.
I've missed them.

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