Monday, October 10, 2011

The Beginning

Once upon a time, a very long time ago, i started this blog. For an English class. Typical. And then I thought,
"I should actually start blogging!"
That was in March. So as you can see I have failed just a bit.

But college has brought new perspectives. Lots of them. And somehow I feel obligated to jump on this bandwagon called blogging and write about everything and anything. I don't expect it to be highly significant, neither should you. Just the ramblings of an eighteen year old college student who has an insanely busy life and still finds time to procrastinate. Like right now. I can already tell that this blog will aide my procrastination skill greatly. Along with the other two I created today.

Oh well, C'est La Vie. That is the name of the blog after all.

P.S. When I got off the bus today, it smelled like fall. Delight.

P.S.S. Do you use P.S.'s in blogs?

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