Tuesday, October 11, 2011

True Aggie

At USU we have this cool tradition called "True Aggie Night." It's a night where people go and kiss on a four dimensional "A." But there are rules. It has to be a full moon or Homecoming. Also, I think that if its a full moon then you have to kiss someone who is already a True Aggie to become one yourself.

Tonight is such a night. In attendance will be couples, friends, and hormone ridden college students. They are going to freeze their butts off.

And where am I? In the comfort of my dorm, of course. Not because I can't go but because I have no desire to sit in the cold and kiss a random stranger, or worse, a friend. That just complicates things.

For the people who kiss strangers: where is the fun in that? Honestly, its awkward enough to kiss people you like. Word of advice, take gum. And chapstick. True Aggie chapstick even! I do believe that this lip balm is one of the most heavenly item to ever grace my lips. It moisturizes and tastes delicious. Minty fresh. As you can see, I have more than my fair share of this chapstick. No Judgement. I just like it.

*Note for girls: if you choose to carry such chapstick, don't apply it in the presence of a male on specific outings. They get the wrong idea. Especially on True Aggie nights. Not to mention its awkward and leads the conversation to somewhere you may not like. This only applies if you don't like the said male. If you do, ignore this.*

To be honest, I know I have expressed my distaste about this event but someday I will be one. I just don't want it to be a meaningless event that holds no real emotional value. I want my True Aggie to be with someone I really care about.

For all of you who have raised your eyebrows when I tell you that I am not a True Aggie yet, can you blame me for wanting it to be special?

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